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Handcrafted jewelry store in St. Louis

Meet Christiane

My mission is to create permanent pieces that add meaning and beauty to every day.

I’m inspired by vintage graphics and images from science and nature books. ​

Most of my work is made from silver and gold. For some color and sparkle I like to add precious and semi-precious stones.

I usually start by cutting shapes from a sheet of silver with the jigsaw. I bend or forge and solder the pieces and then I create different finishes: With steel wool for brushed finishes, or hammers, stamps and files for a more textured look.

After finishing a goldsmith apprenticeship in Germany I moved to the United States in 2002. I set up shop in my home and started selling jewelry to friends. I’ve been in business ever since.

​I love working on small things, trying to create perfect little objects.


Christianes tools for handmade jewelry

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